At Optimal Health Chiropractic and Physical Therapy, we take a functional approach to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Starting with a mechanical diagnosis we focus on finding a directional preference to classify and treat your pain.  We then follow up with functional exercises geared toward basic human movement patterns. We take pride in offering our patients the most current evidence-based rehab techniques out there.

All of these techniques focus on restoring function to the human body.

The human body is designed to do some basic fundamental movements such as squat, bend, reach, twist, and core strength.  When we are unable to perform these tasks, the body is forced to compensate and that is when pain usually arrives.  Whether an athlete squatting for sport or teaching a senior citizen to sit down and stand up without pain, we work to develop a comprehensive goal orientated treatment plan for you.

Combining this functional approach to physical therapy with chiropractic care, Optimal Health has a unique opportunity to offer our patients a more advance and thorough course of care to treat your pain.  We strive to restore our patients to optimal health and wellness as safely and quickly as possible.

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