DNS is a functional rehabilitation technique that focuses on proper muscle balance and joint function.

It is based on the works of Dr. Vojta, a neurologist, and has been developed by other leading manual therapists, such as Dr. Lewit, Dr. Janda, and Pavel Kolar, PhD, DPT. Each of us uses certain “neuromuscular pathways” or communications between the brain and muscles to accomplish tasks throughout the day.

The way you use muscles and the sequence in which you activate individual muscles is called a “motor pattern.”  If an incorrect “motor pattern” is used it can lead to certain muscles and joints being over-worked. This can lead to joint or muscle pain. Through treatment, we are able to restore proper muscle balance and joint function.

DNS was originally developed for use in children with cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.

As the uses and applications have spread, it has yielded amazing success in cerebral palsy, scoliosis, post-surgical, and stroke cases among others. It is effective with infants less than a year old up to aging adults, and many professional and Olympic teams have begun to utilize this technique for recovery from injury, injury prevention and in some cases enhance performance.

While DNS is routinely used in Europe, it has only recently started to gain popularity in the United States. Our doctors are part of a select group of practitioners in the US who have extensive training and experience in DNS therapy, which is quickly gaining exposure and demand. Optimal Health Chiropractic and Physical Therapy is one of the only clinics in Atlantic County to offer this treatment.

To learn more please visit the Prague School of Rehabilitation website: www.rehabps.com.

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