“Best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had.

After how I woke up yesterday, I cannot believe that I’m pain free today after seeing Dr. Carlson. They fit me in as a new patient within hours of calling and were very kind and compassionate. Dr Carlson took his time to explain what he was going to do and the techniques used WORKED, quickly and very well! Thank you so much!!”

– Shannon C.

“I was referred to Dr Carlson by Rachel my physical therapist who helped me with my recovery after my spinal fusion.

I am so grateful for her and her referral. I have been to chiropractors for years but Dr Carlson is by far the best! He has used his graston technology to alleviate my carpal tunnel in my hands. Recently I couldn’t move my neck with out pain after sleeping wrong and after a few adjustments it’s completely pain free. He doesn’t just adjust you. He uses movement, pressure, graston, and stretching. He has been a lifesaver with helping with my arthritis. I will never go to another chiropractor again! He is the absolute best! I have never felt rushed or like just a number. His office is very clean and calming with aromatherapy. I truly feel like Dr Carlson listens and helps you. I just can’t say enough positive things about him and his wonderful staff. They are very professional and work with my schedule to try and get me in when I’m having an extremely painful day. They are the best!

– Rebecca J.

“Dr Carlson saved my life!

I have arthritis in my lower joints and bursitis in my shoulders. I also have a tendency to whine about the pain… constantly… and without mercy. My complaining about pain was SO annoying, friends and family threatened to leave me for dead in a remote Valley somewhere near the deserts of Nevada. A personal trainer introduced me to the Doc and Optimal Health. The treatment I’ve received is nothing short of incredible. The pain is gone. My complaining is reduced and I’m not dead in the Mojave somewhere. So, you see, I would HIGHLY recommend Optimal Health to anyone.”

– Paul P.

“Rick is awesome!

My first visit I called and he was able to fit me I that afternoon. He really worked wonders for me. My back feels great! He was very nice and explained to me what was going on with my back. Also the staff is very friendly and make you feel comfortable and at home”

– Joe D.

“It had been a long time since I had seen a Chiropractor

And I wanted to go see Dr. Rick, not only because I went to school with him, but I had seen what a terrific reputation he had developed in the chiropractic community. He took the time to explain everything that he did before, during and after our session. The incorporation of stretching into the general chiropractic routine, that I had anticipated, was awesome! I definitely felt a difference even after one session and I will definitely be returning. Kerry rocks as well!!”

– Jamie D.

“Hands down one of the best chiropractors in southern NJ.

Takes time to get to the areas that needs to be taken care of and does a fantastic job. My gymnastics kid loves how she feels so much better after her appt with DR CARLSON!!!”

– Alexa I.

“Helped me through numerous running related pains last year

And kept me in top shape through my marathon training. Starting to go to him now for sciatica pain and it’s comforting knowing that I’m in good hands.”

– Stephanie

“I had Plantar fasciitis for years and the Graston technique has fixed me.”

 – Chris M.

“I never knew chiropractors could help with more then just back pain.

Thank God I asked. He worked wonders on my shoulder.”

– Sharron S.

“My migraines are gone.”

– Pati C.

“I have never been to a chiropractor like this before.

This guy knows his biomechanics and how to treat injuries. I had a bum shoulder and ham string & Dr. Carlson was able to fix both in just a few short weeks.”

– John P.

“Caring doc, great bedside manner.”

– Helen C

“I went to a few Chiropractors in the area for a pulled lower back

And although they helped a few days later my pain was back to square one. That all changed however when I went to Dr. Carlson. The doctor’s treatments were great but he also gave me a lot of exercises to do at home. These follow up methods and stretches that he regimented specifically for me is what saved the day. If you’re committed about stopping your ailments altogether go see this guy for sure!”

— Robert S.

“Wonderfully unexpected experience!

I didn’t think that I would ever be able to get rid of the annoying pain and nerve issues that I have in my upper arm but after a few visits with Dr. Carlson I was able to sleep through the night with no symptoms and my grip strength came back! I highly recommend Dr. Carlson if you think you have an ‘untreatable’ condition. I had no idea Chiropractors even did the things he did for me. It was a great experience, and changed my outlook on Chiropractic in general. Definitely not your typical back cracker. Thanks Doc!”

— Joe Z.

“Best chiropractic care EVER. Period.

I have always believed in chiropractic care, and I am HIGHLY selective in chiropractors who I allow to treat me (only 3 between 1985 and the present), visit Dr. Rick Carlson. NOT a bone cracker, a true ‘artist’ who practices his ‘craft’ with the highest degree of professionalism, and dedicated to healing the ‘whole” body’ – not just ‘adjusting your back’.”

— Barbara R.

“Dr. Carlson is very knowledgeable and professional.

He’s great at treating sports injuries. This is the doctor that can take you from good to great! Highly recommend!”

— Matt A

“Dr. Rick worked around my schedule to fix my wrist problems.

Great guy who is very professional.”

— Eric M.

“This guy takes chiropractic health to the next level.

Chiro nerd with confidence in his craft and abilities. Exactly what I want for my chiro.”

— Frank J.

“I have always had issues with my lower back.

No matter how much I stretched or exercised the pain never seemed to go away. I had seen chiropractors in the past that didn’t really seem to make any difference. After just a few visits with Dr. Rick, however, I already started feeling better. He is definitely part of a ‘new generation’ of chiropractors.”

— Emily R.

“I’ve struggled with Plantar Fasciitis and didn’t even realize that a chiropractor would be able to treat my condition.

Dr. Carlson’s techniques help keep me moving.”

— Rachael M.

“I pulled my hamstring playing in a few softball leagues.

The tools, instruments, and treatment at this office have allowed me to remain active without missing a game.”

— Danny J.

“After suffering from chronic back pain for over 5 years, I am finally feeling better after seeing Dr. Carlson.

He is different than any chiropractor I have ever been to and takes the time to figure out the cause rather than just treating the symptoms. He has shown me many exercises and stretches to help alleviate the pain and strengthen my weak spots. I have never felt rushed out of his office like I have felt at many other offices.”

— Jeannie W.

“I saw Dr. Carlson while I was in chiropractic school.

I didn’t think I needed chiropractic care at the time (I had minor aches and pains), but Dr. Carlson immediately identified issues with my muscles and joints. I have been a competitive weightlifter, and with the help of Dr. Carlson, I was able to rebalance my muscle groups, add gains to my lifts, and felt energized and better than I’d ever felt. He even helped me with my nutritional needs! If you’re looking for a chiropractor, Dr. Carlson is the total package!”

— Dr. Cassie D.