“Why did no one tell me this when I was pregnant?”

This is something we often hear from new moms. During pregnancy, women do a lot to prepare for baby’s arrival, but many overlook the importance of preparing the pelvic floor muscles for pregnancy and birth. Then, after delivery, lots of new moms are surprised not only to experience issues like incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse or diastasis recti (abdominal separation), but also to find out that they could have prevented them!

Join Rachel Carlson PT, DPT – a BirthFIT Professional – for our upcoming workshop to learn why pelvic health is so important when it comes to recovering from childbirth and returning to exercise and functional movement postpartum

Our experienced physical therapist will share information about:


The major changes that the pelvic floor undergoes during pregnancy, labor and delivery


How your pelvic floor and core are essential for childbirth and function with a new baby


Specific pregancy-safe exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles

Postpartum Series At Optimal Health Chiropractic & Physical Therapy Clinic

 Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30-7:30PM
Wednesday and Fridays at 1:30-2:30

Starting on 10/15 for 4 weeks. Introductory course is a total of 6 weeks!
All moms welcome as well as non-mobile children.  A personal yoga mat is included in your price!

Limit 10 per class.

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