Wrist and hand pain is amongst the most common of problems for a variety of reasons.

Often marked by overuse injuries, wrist and hand pain can arise in many different capacities, from injuries to the natural course of aging. With so many bones, connective tissues, tendons, blood vessels, muscles, and ligaments surrounding the wrist and hand, it is important to recognize symptoms early in order to address the injury or disease that is causing pain in these areas. Pain forming in the wrist and/or hand can indicate a wide range of medical issues, ranging significantly in severity.

Repetitive motions causing overuse injuries are certainly the most common precursor to wrist and hand pain.

Nevertheless, more serious issues such as disease, tumors, or injury can also cause this pain, typically requiring a much different medical approach to healing. Dependent upon the severity of the injury, medical professionals will create an action plan which addresses the pain and paves the way for recovery.

At Optimal Health Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, our doctors are able to address wrist and hand pain directly in order to establish a treatment plan that returns the patient to a normal range of motion and use. Approaching wrist and hand pain with a strategic recovery plan allows our patients to quickly get back to their normal daily routine.