CrossFit is a great workout but can often lead overuse injuries.

Here at Optimal Health Chiropractic & Physical Therapy, we specialize in taking a functional approach to our rehabilitation programs with advanced training and knowledge in human biomechanics. Our doctors can help prevent future injuries and enhance performance by keeping your body in balance.

The top CrossFit injuries we treat:

1) Lower back injuries

This one is probably no surprise to regular Crossfit athletes, as it takes only one bad movement or a second of poor form for the heavy weights to cause a lower back problem. Naturally, the key to overcoming these top CrossFit injuries is to work on obtaining the best form, strengthening the core, and working with a good chiropractor if you have concerns about your spinal strength, alignment, or even with the biomechanics of your movements.

2) Knees

Again, probably not a big shock to those experienced with Crossfit simply because you call on your knees to perform many functions. The heavy weights and the need for good form can work against the knees, and it is imperative that any knee injuries are dealt with properly and fully. They are among the largest joints in our bodies, and so you cannot “work around” them. Full of different tendons, muscles, bones, cartilage, veins and more, knees can perform tremendous feats of strength, but only if taken care of properly.

3) Shoulders

Almost anyone can damage the many components inside the shoulder, and it is most often the rotator cuff where Crossfit athletes sustain an injury. This can lead to what is described as entrapment syndrome that gives you the feeling of a “catch” in the shoulder when you try to raise a weight over your head. Never try to work through a shoulder problem; you cannot overcome it. You can heal and build strength, or you can over-use this important joint and end up needing surgery.

4) Elbows

Imagine being in position for a front squat. The bar is ready and you are in the front rack position. You go to life and all you feel is pain in the elbow burning up to the shoulder. You cannot do the movement and you wonder what has gone wrong. This is a common occurrence when the bar is in the wrong position and the elbow pays the price. Recovery is possible with rest and therapy, and any elbow damages cannot be ignored.

5) Overuse syndrome

Overuse syndrome is the repetitive process of macrostrains over time.  The body’s process of healing itself over time rebuilds it with scar tissue.  This is common in CrossFit athletes.  While it is fun to do the workout, the body is not getting enough time to heal.  If there are any mechanical dysfunctions in our form, there can be repetitive micro trauma over that time. 


Don’t play through with Crossfit injuries as they will not heal properly and cause you to struggle with all of your exercises in the future.